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CordyBest standardised extract of Cordyceps sinensis mushroom that helps to tone the body, protect the liver and the kidneys.  


It is highly valued in medical mushroom in both Chinese Medicine and modern clinical practice.

Cordyceps has shown to increase strength, stamina, endurance, enhance enerygy to individuals experiencing fatigue.

Vitale Plus Cordybest has been used to support respiratory, cardiovascular, immune and kidney heath.

It provides higher level of purity and more consistent quality and standard than the other average cordyceps.


Each capsule contains 750mg Cordyceps Sinensis

Recommended Use

Take 2 capsules per day with Food.

Customer Questions and Answers?

Q: Is this natural or artifical cordyceps?

A: Of course cordyceps are natural.  It is also a Chinese herb which used as vitlaizing tonic that improves engery and benefits the fucntion of various organs and systems.




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